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Private swimming lessons

Do you sit all day by the computer, and get a back ache by the evening?
Backstroke done by the right technique could be a solution...

Do you lack oxygen during freestyle?
The right technique is of key importance.  We can help you with that.

Would you like go swim across the Balaton, or try out triathlon?
The development of endurance can be done at any age. Start it NOW!

Currently the main profile of our sports team are swimming lessons in small groups for adults, which we have been doing since 12 years. Swimming is the perfect solution for the recreation of the body at any age. Goals of swimming can be achieved if it is done with the right technique, however most people can't swim properly.

In the case of adults, the personality of the coach and the atmosphere at the lesson are very important.  There must be trust in this relationship. The student who tries to overcome their fears and learn to swim should get a good impression, and a quality training.

If the above have caught your attention, let us meet in person and find the best solution for you!

Let's go to swim!



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